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19 Oct 2015

Mid-Century was a prolific period for furniture and product design but not only. We are currently rediscovering the world of twentieth century graphic designers.

05 Feb 2018

I'm not especially a 'car guy' but I would find interesting to discover a small part of the history of car design through your memories.

30 Oct 2014

Since the launch of the new version of Design Addict, some of you were opposed to the emergence of advertising in the Forum.


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15 Dec 2016

40% America, 40% Europe, 10% rest of the world.

07 Dec 2016

We use this product with good results: HG plastic garden furniture restorer.

05 Dec 2016

We have the same one with "made in Denmark" written in red under the right foot.

11 Nov 2016

Yes, we have immediately removed "nice"guy's message but he then removed our edit.

22 Sep 2016

Tricoti Tricota text by May d'Alençon, illustrations by Françoise Themerson. Flammarion, France. 1939

10 Jun 2016

Here is the recipe to obtain this kind of perfection for your living environment: