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19 Oct 2015
See more on Steen Ostergaard website:
13 Oct 2015

The cover of "Which Way To The Zoo" is amazing!

05 Oct 2015

A glimpse of a psychedelic belgian book "Hippolyte et le caméléon", 1972. Publisher: Dupuis.

02 Oct 2015

A recent acquisition: "Timoléon découvre l'Asie" (Timoleon discovers Asia).

01 Oct 2015

A cute little hungarian book "Bölcsödében" (Nursery), 1977
Illustration by Vera Zsoldos.

30 Sep 2015

Yes Spanky, Sasek's books are wonderful. Here are some pictures from our french version of "This is New York".

30 Sep 2015

Wow a lot of nice books here!