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04 Oct 2014

We were browsing the 18,000 old threads on the forum this morning, for technical reasons, and we came across this one

30 Sep 2014

Reminder of the forum rules:

25 Sep 2014

Hi Big Television Man,
Nice to read you again on the forum!

24 Sep 2014

Arne Jacobsen Swan sofa maybe?

23 Sep 2014

HP London,

We have added pictures for listings posted by individuals.

23 Sep 2014

The "word balloons" mystery is solved

23 Sep 2014

As we wrote in the thread "forum changes »:

23 Sep 2014

Forget Command +
Texts are bigger now!

21 Sep 2014

SDR, you can access the off topic section, of course! If there is a technical problem, please contact us.