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04 Jul 2011

This has to be one of the best things I've ever seen on eBay... I think the only thing that'll top it was the ZipLoc bag that someone was selling as a "waterproof cellphone case."

09 Jan 2010

Can anyone tell me what type of wood this is? The first picture is a slightly sun faded area and the 2nd pic is an underside area.

See below for complete pics --->

10 Dec 2009

I recently came across an original Hans Wegner valet chair and have been researching auction results for some time and have yet to figure this out -- Why, on chairs in the seemingly same condition,


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15 Jul 2011

This and the matching side...

12 Jul 2011

Apparently innovation is...

28 Jun 2011

If it really is Argentinian, ...

22 Jun 2011

John Stuart was mostly a...

18 Jun 2011


Or not. I don't think imageshack will let you post pics

04 Jun 2011

I like the bird clock...

27 May 2011

This attribution has...

26 May 2011

Are they Bryce pieces...

24 May 2011

Just missed...
Arne Jacobsen Swan chair for $80 on CL

14 May 2011

Set of 3 Arthur Umanoff for...