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22 Apr 2007

Anybody recognize this sofa? It's extremely well made, floats on set back steel/chrome round legs and is upholstered in suede. We've scoured the internet but are coming up with nothing.

18 Sep 2006

Hey everyone - long time lurker here from Columbus, OH.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think this is a fake (and a clumsy one at that)?


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28 Mar 2011

There's no mention of Nelson...

21 Mar 2011

Cliff House collection by...
Cliff House collection by Heywood Wakefield

17 Mar 2011

Craft Associates
Craft Associates

21 Feb 2011

$700 is a giant rip off for...

20 Feb 2011

TCHP -- I doubt your table...

14 Feb 2011

Straylight --
Loving the fabric on that chair. Nice acquisition for your collection

08 Feb 2011

Sibast did lots of pieces...

02 Feb 2011

Thanks for the insight,...

01 Feb 2011

If they were purchased from...

31 Jan 2011

I believe they're Heywood...
I believe they're Heywood Wakefield