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Joshua championship

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26 Nov 2016
Joshua championship

I have this oval tulip table here which I believe is not a genuine Saarinen table, but I just wanted to double check if anyone had any knowledge of the base attachment.


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03 Apr 2018

16" is the seat height. I actually have 4.

03 Apr 2018

Can anyone tell me what the footprint of the LAX H base is?

11 Jan 2018

Pretty sure it's Grete Jalk.

09 Jan 2018

That's great! Thanks Lexi.

11 Nov 2017

Supposedly Prince once sat in it once lol.

25 Nov 2016

Here is the full table. I'm solo right now so i can't flip it over.

25 Nov 2016

To me, it just looks like someone wanted it to be higher than the normal 28.25 and got an extension, but who knows..

24 Nov 2016

I was looking up the Saarinen sizing of the oval dining table and the only thing that's different is the height.

01 Aug 2016

It's solid walnut, no question.

06 Apr 2016

Here's a little piece from the book "Design in Canada"