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01 Aug 2018

I bought this small folding table and in my research I’ve found it attributed to Borge Mogensen.

01 Jul 2018

Hey folks! I will be traveling to Japan on Wednesday for three weeks and I was wondering if anyone had any hot tips for design/thrift/MCM/galleries etc to check out?

13 Dec 2017

It has been pretty slow around here for things acquired so maybe starting a new thread will kick start it :)

John Bone coffee table for Mikael Laursen and a Reggiani floor lamp.

02 Jul 2017

Hey folks, I am going to look at this today and was wondering if anyone had any pointers on what to look for in terms of the condition of the cane.


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09 Aug 2018

Maybe something in the style of Joe Colombo? No idea really just reminds me of his stuff.

01 Aug 2018

Hey Kyle, I'm not familiar with the cabinet but after looking it up I think P.Lauritsen & Son produced it?

04 Jul 2018

I will definitely post some travel pics in here!

28 Jun 2018

Thanks, Kyle. I am in Canada!

27 Jun 2018

Picked up the teak version of the coffee table by Johannes Andersen for CFC Silkeborg.

22 May 2018

Hopefully the pictures show up

A couple of things I've collected over the last few months.

06 May 2018

Put all the plants into this HUGE Gainey plater : )

24 Apr 2018

After getting this cart I realized another table I have might actually be a cart as well.

14 Apr 2018

How do you folks use your carts? Any pics of them in your spaces?