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13 Dec 2017

It has been pretty slow around here for things acquired so maybe starting a new thread will kick start it :)

John Bone coffee table for Mikael Laursen and a Reggiani floor lamp.

02 Jul 2017

Hey folks, I am going to look at this today and was wondering if anyone had any pointers on what to look for in terms of the condition of the cane.

03 May 2017

Hello, I have two teak loungers by Glostrup that I am trying to take part to refinish but I can't figure out one part.

16 Apr 2017

Hey gang, I got this chair and I haven't been able to find a match online. Lots that are similar but nothing that is an exact match. There are no stamps/marks that I can see.


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09 Jan 2018

You could check out the FB group 'Milo Baughman Design".

06 Jan 2018

Nothing monumental but a few things to keep the spirits up while out thrifting : )

18 Dec 2017

Totally understand that position, Leif.

17 Dec 2017

I've always wondered why there was not private message function on this forum.

15 Dec 2017

Mark - There is a coaster under that plant! Not ideal but it'll do the trick for now ; )

24 Nov 2017

Turns out this rocker was one of the brown ones originally.

21 Nov 2017

Getting a third one today.....annnnd you get a rocker and you get a rocker.

21 Nov 2017

Thanks everyone! That’s the picture I was thinking of Zephyr!

19 Nov 2017

I have looked through the threads with J16's and I can't find what I am looking for so I thought i'd ask here.

11 Nov 2017

Congrats on the chair, Kyle!