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11 Nov 2017

Hope all have been well!
I found this at my local thrift for a couple of dollars. The model number on the works lists it as 2281, however I can find no example of it online anywhere.

19 Aug 2013

As per Leif's suggestion, a carry over question from his Excellent furniture Co Catalog scan thread. Does anyone have any information on this table?

16 Aug 2013

I'll be looking at a recent production Time Life stool A (about 8 yrs old) tomorrow. No photos from seller...


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18 Jul 2018

Hi JD,

if you're still out there,

try Vejle Stole

ahh never is on it

13 Mar 2018

I'm thinking coasters...

04 Jan 2018

Yes, it's designed by Maurice Martine.

Lovely chair....lucky you!

11 Nov 2017

Looking through some old threads I came across a discussion "More about Nelson Clocks "referring to the "numbers" mod

28 Nov 2016

Found this little Noguchi Akari lamp at a thrift shop a few days ago, $2.99 in perfect condition.

27 Nov 2016

Hi Amazake,

Your decanter is from the"Tropico" line by Goran Warff for Pukeberg (Sweden).

26 Sep 2014

mgee.....the settees are Finn Juhl...