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12 May 2018

If you guys happen to be in France in the next few month, there is currently a fantastic Alvar Aalto exhibition in Cité de l'architecture in Paris (Trocadero).


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09 Jun 2018

Just figured out that Klint's safari chair has the same kind of feet too.

30 May 2018

IIt makes me think of some chairs produced by Parker Knoll. They had a line heavily inspired by Ole Wanscher.

15 May 2018

I have really slow down on the acquisitions lately as my home is full.

14 May 2018

I usually buy Habitat frames (not your model though) and they are pretty good for the price.

20 Apr 2018

Hi Christophero.
I have the table in teak. Let me know if you need measurement for the legs.

18 Apr 2018

The newest addition to my Arne Jacobsen collection. A blue ashtray designed for SAS Royal hotel and made by Lyngby.

16 Apr 2018

Thanks danishdesign. I managed to buy a second one from the very same dealer a few month after this one.

29 Mar 2018

Hi Ponyboy. Would you mind checking something for me?

28 Mar 2018

Hi Mounin. I believe you are in France, right?