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10 Sep 2018

Hi folks,
I found some danish design furniture online. Could you help me to recognize if those pieces belong to any designer?


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30 Sep 2018

Dear Zephyr,
thank you very much for your help.

18 Mar 2018

.. sometimes not easy to upload the pictures..

18 Mar 2018

Here are a few more pictures..

21 Feb 2018

Now I am confused what to do with the chair.

18 Feb 2018

I need to strip off the old color somehow. The old paint hangs there in pieces.

17 Feb 2018

Spanky, thank you for the advice, that sounds like a good plan to remove the color.

09 Feb 2018

Thanks so much for the detailed Information.

08 Feb 2018

Ok, thank you. Defenitely will do some research on that. Do you know a good source for paper cord?

05 Feb 2018

The lower half of the chair looks pretty much as the model 31.