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30 Oct 2018

Thanks Kyle, that can help focus my search!

25 Oct 2018

It reminds me of a Johannes Andersen carver I have seen before but it’s not an exact match, maybe a different model n

25 Oct 2018

Wesemael thank you for that, I definitely couldn’t find anything similar to my set but it makes an interesting read.

23 Oct 2018

bj that’s very odd indeed. All three pieces are clearly labeled Leolux with a serial number.

22 Oct 2018

I was way off, not surprising!

22 Oct 2018

frankielemmons that is some job, well done! I second the grey, it would be lovely with it.

21 Oct 2018

Not a clue! Possibly one of a pair for a mantle piece?

02 Oct 2018

Great ID Lexi! Also love that the designers name is Pajamies, another name for cosy PJ’s over here!

17 Aug 2018

Kyle that is some find! Congrats!

06 Aug 2018

Oh that would have been nice Kyle!