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23 Mar 2016

Hello all,
I came across these chairs and have spent many hours searching with no luck.No identifying marks just a fabric danish control sticker underneath.

30 Jan 2016

Came across this light and I have searched, but so far ,no luck . Described as Scandanavian, mid century.
Any ideas or suggestions welcomed.
Thanks in advance.

17 Jun 2015

Spotted this completed listing on E-Bay. Did some searching. No luck so far. Thinking British, as " Heals", an upmarket store, is mentioned in listing. Anyone recognise this?

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03 Aug 2018

I seached on google for Swedish roll top desk/secretaire.Lots of images and different styles.

02 Aug 2018

Found this article with some information about Swedish furniture.

31 Jul 2018


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31 Jul 2018

Also unable to add comment.

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14 Jul 2018

Have you considered Fredrik Kayser for Vatne Lenestolfabrikk ?

08 Jul 2018

According to numerous sellers ,online, this table was designed by Svante Skogh ( Swedish) who worked with a

10 Jun 2018

Gerd Lange (German) " Farmer" chair made from 60's to 70's according to numerous dealers sites and Artnet.

07 Jun 2018

I contacted Mats Linder to see if he had any info on Martins Mobler.

Here is his reply;