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Jyri Snellman (FIN)

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20 Aug 2011
Jyri Snellman (FIN)

like Jennifer Lopez and Kirsikka Kelloniemi have got silicone implants to their buttocks.

So, do they need any cushions when sitting on Scott Burton's Rock Chairs?


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27 Aug 2014

Or when I take a closer look,

20 Aug 2014

The color I prefer:

26 Jan 2014

If Nintendo returns to the love hotel business,

21 Sep 2013

I think that I have found the answer...

03 Sep 2013

Those Andy Warhol Campbell's soup cans don't...

21 Aug 2013

Very exciting new engine concepts,
which one would You choose for your car?:

13 Aug 2013

Is Unilever still one...

13 Aug 2013

Self-cooling beverage can is...

12 Aug 2013

Mcdonald's Olympic sponsorship lasts...