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10 Oct 2016
Lot 112

I've noticed that there are two versions of Arteleuce's Triennale floor lamp(with regards to the power switches).

04 Aug 2016
Lot 112

I've come across several examples of these tables for sale lately and they bare a striking resemblance  to Kagan's biomorphic 412 table.

Where they produced during the same period?

01 Jun 2016
Lot 112

How do you determine whether or not a Model 412 is authentic? I would like to validate the authenticity of a Vladimir Kazan Tri-Symetic Coffee Table(Model 412)

02 Nov 2015
Lot 112

Does this Danish rosewood sideboard look familiar to anyone? It resembles a piece produced by Gunni Omann(Model 21)with the exception of the pulls.


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06 Sep 2015

Thank you for your input. Several dealers market this sideboard as an Arne Vodder piece.

09 Jan 2014

I was trying to verify...

06 Dec 2012

The the adjustable lock...

12 Oct 2011

I have attempted to have...

12 Mar 2011

A dealer in Germany...