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16 Oct 2016

Does anyone know who this chrome candleholder (on the coffee) is by? I'm guess 70's vintage italian? The photo is of an italian architect's apartment. Google nor 1stdibs turned up anything.

19 Sep 2015

In the spirit of minimoma's "Rejected Modern" thread, and inspired by drubenw's Wright auction to Craigslist flip Eames DKR thread, I would like to start a thread of sellers who are absolutely delu


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09 Nov 2017

Tktoo, Teflon tape is exactly what I meant. Right product, wrong resin.

08 Nov 2017

Depending on how bad the wobble is, I've fixed this issue before by wrapping the stem in nylon thread sealing tape to

23 Jun 2017

Weird enough for you? George Nakashima meets Florence Knoll.

19 Jun 2017

It's an authentic EC175‑8 Loose Cushion Armchair, the last chair Charles and Ray Eames designed before Charles death.

08 Jun 2017

If the chair is actually authentic, you can buy replacement swivel bushings on ebay.

07 Jun 2017

I have successfully used the Hume Modern kit with the included adhesive to repair a broken Eames Lounge Chair.

20 Feb 2017

A sharpened putty knife and a hammer are what I have used in the past to remove damaged but still attached shock moun

12 Nov 2016

Authentic Herman Miller, circa 2002.

24 Aug 2016

McMaster Carr is my go to for finding fasteners. They also have an excellent online interface/ store.

14 Apr 2016

Those screws look like 1/4-20 machine screws, most likely going into threaded inserts in the upholstery.