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15 Jan 2018

looks to me like a Erik Buck chair
i find only one with the same seat

09 Jan 2018

i contribute once in a while to the identification forum mostky relating to dutch furniture

04 Jan 2018

the construction tells me it is with high probability a Anvia ( almelo Nethrelands) lamp by Hoogervorst

02 Jan 2018

Polyflame est une entreprise qui produit le briquet et aussi beaucoup des produit de bureau de table Et polyflame et

27 Nov 2017

i know at least were you seen it

18 Nov 2017

mulhausre for plycraft maybe
amercan readers off this forum must know more precise or for sure

16 Nov 2017

i am dutch and my grandfather was the first son of a farmer who could leave the farm to become a teacher

28 Oct 2017

so both americans and danish while rippig off lost some tac(k)t

27 Oct 2017

found where you found the picture on 1stdibs I think those are real fristho's produced in the netherlands and design