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My Panton Home

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28 Dec 2017
My Panton Home

I rarely ask for Id’s here since i mostly buy Panton stuff for my collection, but once in a while i stumble on other things i like and buy.
Like this small possibly Danish sewingtable.


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17 Jan 2018

The only time i have seen the type of ridges under the seat like on your chairs, are on Chinese knockoffs.

16 Jan 2018

They are as fake as can be i am afraid.

16 Jan 2018

Paint is original and i have seen this cabinet a few times in the past.

08 Jan 2018

I have been around long enough to tell the difference between wenge and rosewood, and this one is in wenge.

07 Jan 2018

Thanks Ernest.
Thanks for letting me know that.

07 Jan 2018

This was actually my last buy in 2017.

02 Jan 2018

Sorry for the sideways pics, always like this when uploading from my iPhone.

01 Jan 2018

I will look tomorrow.

31 Dec 2017

I need to check. Read this in one of my old Mobilias.