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My Panton Home

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28 Dec 2017
My Panton Home

I rarely ask for Id’s here since i mostly buy Panton stuff for my collection, but once in a while i stumble on other things i like and buy.
Like this small possibly Danish sewingtable.


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10 Nov 2018

Found this serving trolley yesterday on Facebook of all places.

22 Sep 2018

Got realy lucky at the local thriftstore yesterday.

20 Sep 2018

A VP globe is not a great lamp to hang over a diningtable, if you want to light up the table that is.

01 Sep 2018

Google: Peder Moos
One of the finest and quirkiest cabinetmakers of them all.

01 Sep 2018

Designer/maker is Peder Moos.
Place must be Snedkkerlagets udstillning, but what year?

31 Aug 2018

I would suggest looking in Denmark and in online bookshops there.

31 Aug 2018

I see my old ”wrongly numbered” thread was picked up again.
Soon time to start a new one anyway.

02 Apr 2018

Thanks for the Auistgaard catalog scan Cdsilva .

31 Mar 2018

I was in a new to me shop out of town today buying a bunch of Swedish brasslamps for my business.