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My Panton Home

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28 Dec 2017
My Panton Home

I rarely ask for Id’s here since i mostly buy Panton stuff for my collection, but once in a while i stumble on other things i like and buy.
Like this small possibly Danish sewingtable.


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02 Apr 2018

Thanks for the Auistgaard catalog scan Cdsilva .

31 Mar 2018

I was in a new to me shop out of town today buying a bunch of Swedish brasslamps for my business.

29 Mar 2018

Minimoma, thats the one!!

29 Mar 2018

Continuing my Wenge obsession here are three trays i bought in the last few months.

15 Mar 2018

I guess so..
But i backed out of the sale anyway, even if it was kind of cheap.

13 Mar 2018

Hi Minimoma.

Thanks for digging up my thread among all the Chinese spam!

19 Feb 2018

Yes, its not to shabby!

19 Feb 2018

Thanks for the link!
Good to see another one.

13 Feb 2018

Not sure what i would pay for them, but i can tell you that they have nothing to do with Verner Panton.

30 Jan 2018

Thanks cdsilva.
You learn something new everytime you pick up one of these magazines.