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04 Aug 2018
Ernest Rams

Hi all, just saw this sideboad online and after some google search came to the conclusion it's not a wegner piece, despite the door handles remind me of many wegner pieces... any comment?

29 Jul 2018
Ernest Rams

Hi all, saw this online and tried to identify it. It somehow reminds me of Arne Vodder due to the angles between the pieces of wood, but it's not.


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20 Aug 2018

Have you guys ever seen this one otherwise? I woder if it could be used as a desk too?

17 Aug 2018

Kyle, I think that since you complained about a dry spell you found really nice stuff.

08 Aug 2018

Hi, sorry for having missed it. Spanky, thank you for taking the time to explain!

07 Aug 2018

Dear design addict Team,

Would it not be possible to have the subsections back ?

04 Aug 2018

Hi spanky, a serious collector should follow the strategy you describe, or if one has enough money go for the usual p

03 Aug 2018

As second thought, I have no connections (unfortunately :-)) to the above mentioned companies.

31 Jul 2018

Would be nice to see details of the drawers, that might help.

30 Jul 2018

yes it's that logo. Found a sideboard on 1st dibs with the same thing. Any info on the manufacturer?