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Ernest Rams

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20 Mar 2018

Hi spanky, this is exactly the kind of thoughts I had.

20 Mar 2018

This is what another person suggested me too, but what's the risk that some old threads will break soon?

19 Mar 2018

I see, thank you for your help.

19 Mar 2018

Thank you, Leif. I'm not sure the guy will do the recaning is able to do what you say.

18 Mar 2018

Hi Leif, could you maybe tell me more on how one could fix them? Would the leg need to be dismounted?

28 Feb 2018

Hi, I have recently replaced eeee springs on a chair, and that's not an easy job, because you need to be lucky to fin

17 Feb 2018

For the series the last thing that you did not acquire: Went this early morning to what advertised as the biggest fle

11 Feb 2018

That's true, probably my living is just too small.

11 Feb 2018

Yes, they are darker than the top, so it makes sense that they were smoked.