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19 Nov 2017

The focus of the article is on the history of the house, but, if you look at the pix, you will see some of my mid-century finds mixed into the antebellum ambiance. (P.S.

29 Mar 2015

I have been waiting for two days for someone to post this on DA but, apparently, since it doesn't need an identification and sale price, I will wait until eternity.  I love it, but I don

17 Jul 2014

I know we have many DA's from the Netherlands here and I just want to say that the tragedy this afternoon has all of you on my mind. I hope none of you had friends/loved ones on that flight.


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15 Sep 2017

Well thanks to you both for providing me with a community and a forum which, for over a decade, helped me to control

22 May 2016

And before anybody comments, no that is not my house, nor my room in the background. It is a hotel room in Madrid.

22 May 2016

SDR, we are still doing reconnaissance missions to find the specific wine region that fits all of the needs of everyb

18 May 2016

Aunt M, can't believe you were in France and didn't stop in and say "hey". I'm crushed.

14 Apr 2016

I was wondering what happened to my pants, Mark.

11 Feb 2016

Here is the question. Can I foretell the future or am I just stupid? You decide.

24 Jan 2016

Aunt Mark, I wish you would consider coming to visit me just so I could see what you would wear on the ski slopes.

12 Jan 2016

One should not be shocked

that creative D A ers

spit out haikus.

12 Jan 2016

Husband up all night

Watching Clemson lose by 5

Freaking time zone gap.

11 Jan 2016

Ha! I just wanted to be post 500.