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31 Jan 2013

I am at a quandry with what to do with these relics of a bygone era.(Naturally,I can't make them dissapear,and do not have the funds to convert to baseboard heat.)I was told to paint them aluminium

09 Jan 2013

Found a nice pale yellow Le Creuset 2.5 quart dutch oven at the local thrift for $2.49.Unfortunatley its bottom seeemed scraped up and darkened due to the thinning enamel.Would this be safe to use?


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08 May 2013

Agreed! These shouldn't shine

17 Apr 2013

Make a template from cardboard

24 Mar 2013

Satin finish,not shiny!!!

10 Mar 2013

Franck & Sons stools??
I recall I found (only) one at a yard sale once.

09 Jan 2013

Excellent-I'll consider it "seasoned",then.
Thanks for your input ,one and all! :)

23 Dec 2012

Now that is a Holy Grail find!