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Andrew J Edinburgh

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21 Feb 2013
Andrew J Edinburgh

Far too young, James Irvine (former Sottsass associate, and designer for Cappellini, B&B Italia, Thonet, Marsotto, Muji, Twergi, Magis, Arper etc.) died on Monday :-(

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04 Jan 2018

It actually looks a lot like an upholstered Robin Day polypropylene chair, manufactured by Hille.

25 Jan 2017

That's the Cinema chair and sofa by Lammhults of Sweden.

02 Nov 2016

The shape reminds me of a number of designs by Montis, especially the Geraldine chair by Gerard van den Berg.

15 Jun 2016

I think these are not Starck chairs; the foot detail is less angular and more curved in these than in the comparative

29 Apr 2016

Yes, not Fritz Hansen's greatest moment.

29 Apr 2016

You're absolutely correct, of course, Emcee M.

29 Apr 2016

It looks very much like the S412 sofa by Thonet BUT the examples I've seen don't have that centre leg.

29 Apr 2016

They're by Lawrence Minsker for Fritz Hansen, 1983.