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Katie BH

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20 Sep 2016

Hello again. I have the identical stickers on my chairs too.

20 Sep 2016

Leif, thank you for your eloquent depiction of a worst-case-scenario dystopian nightmare. I get the picture.

20 Sep 2016

Actually, on second inspection, they look like they may well be Brazilian rosewood! How magnificent.

20 Sep 2016

Do you know the production year? I too have recently acquired a set of Niels Moller chairs (Model 78).

19 Sep 2016

Thank you Zephyr and Leif Ericson for taking the time to respond.

19 Sep 2016

I've just posted three photos illustrating the colour fade on the chairs. It's more dramatic than I thought.

18 Sep 2016

I will post photos as soon as possible. Thanks