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Kyle Barrett

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17 Feb 2018
Kyle Barrett

Been look at a Danish chair online, and this logo is on the base of it. I can't say I recognise it particularly, but be glad to hear from some others!



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20 Aug 2018

I was going to mention, it's funny Herringbone asked that, re: SW-96 because you just posted about it on Instagram a

19 Aug 2018

As discussed privately, I hope someone more clever than I comes along to enlighten us!

17 Aug 2018

I couldn't agree more. I've had a series of lucky opportunities in quick succession. Very chuffed!

17 Aug 2018

Oh and I also got one of these as per all the advice here, to see what all the fuss is about.

17 Aug 2018

I picked up a Fredrik Kayser sideboard and the 4 rosewood Møller 80s to match my 2 65s.

14 Aug 2018

So I took the instructions of Firkel and started loosening from a corner, even though I didn't realise I had less of

14 Aug 2018

A lounging teenager sounds the worst for this hobby!

07 Aug 2018

I'm going to struggle to describe what I mean here, fair warning.

06 Aug 2018

Both things are beautiful, Waffle.

05 Aug 2018

The surface those bowls are sat on is amazing, Waffle.