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07 Nov 2017

Hi, We recently found this nice rosewood coffee table that has seen better days, with many stains on the top and the original finish worn off in places.

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01 Dec 2017

@Zephyr thanks for your take on it. Yes, I think we can conclude that the current state is due to nightly wiping.

01 Dec 2017

Best guess : Austinsuite, 1970s

01 Dec 2017

Best guess : Austinsuite

30 Nov 2017

Thanks again Leif and everyone I have the kind of suggestions I was hoping for.

30 Nov 2017

Leif, your experience is amazing !

30 Nov 2017

Perhaps it was wetted sometime before in its life.

30 Nov 2017

Hi Leif, there was very little finish, but quite a lot of grime.

09 Nov 2017

Thanks Zephyr, so no wax then.