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21 Aug 2015


I just bought a Vodder rocking chair without it's original upholstery. I think it's a job I can tackle myself, but a little bit of advice from you guys would be appreciated.

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09 Jul 2017


What are the chances - I literally just saw these lights on ebay!

05 Mar 2016

Thanks for those pics of the catalogue Lexi! I had the combination of unit 5 and 9 as pictured in the catalogue.

21 Feb 2016

I really enjoyed reading that! Thanks for taking the time to post this in such great detail.

21 Feb 2016


Your chairs are the Nordmyra model from Ikea.

08 Feb 2016

Sorry I can't add any insight regarding the chair, but I just have to post the opening hours of the shop to which you

03 Feb 2016

Thanks for all your comments so far.