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02 May 2015

I was lucky enough to buy this stool for $40 whilst visiting my sister in Va last year. 

I redid it today to better suit my decor. 

09 Nov 2014

Does anybody know what these chairs are?

The underframes are oak, and the arms possible beech or elm?


Thanks in advance!

13 Jul 2014

I finally got round to reupholstering my Hvidt sofas in a grey tweed.
They were previously mismatched and the larger of the two had definitely seen better days.


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24 Mar 2016

here's a labelled set

24 Mar 2016

They're G Plan
Teak with afrormosia

20 Feb 2016

McIntosh didn't use walnut
I suspect it's rosewood with sun fading.
Nice piece though!

27 Dec 2015

Happy Christmas from me, in not-so-sunny London! :)

14 Nov 2015

My Dansk in Golden Yellow and yellow

14 Nov 2015

Stems left, flowers, right for me!

10 Oct 2015

Looks very much like an Ege Rya design to me.

09 Oct 2015

I really don't think they're Danish. More likely somebody British like Cintique or Scandart

09 Oct 2015

and thanks from me, ever the completist, I no longer need one to complete my Peter Hvidt fixation ;)

29 Sep 2015

The Long Eared Cat (and almost everything by) Olle Eksell