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23 Apr 2018

I'm hitting a blank with this sideboard - it's Scandinavian, bought from a high-end shop in London in the 60's.

31 Mar 2018

I'm considering buying some new papercord dining chairs and I was wondering if anyone knows of any manufacturers besides Moller's and Carl Hansen who are still producing papercord chairs today?

18 Mar 2018

Hi all,

I'd appreciate any ideas as to who might have manufactured or designed these papercord chairs - they are almost exactly what I'm after for my new apartment.


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02 Apr 2018

And designed by Nils Jonnson

02 Apr 2018

Found out it was made by Troeds.

09 Mar 2018

Dyrlund? You got it for a steal at $100.

04 Mar 2018

Thanks thirdcoastmodern! - after your tip I did some more searching and I'm convinced you're right