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29 May 2017


I recently got a spear chair at auction and it was delivered with a screw missing. Any guidance on where I can find the one pictured below?

29 May 2017

Does anyone know where I can get a hold of a screw like this. I got a Kofod Larsen chair at an auction and the crew was missing when I received the chair.

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30 Mar 2018

Leif! You're the imdb of Scandanavian design!

22 Dec 2017

Can you attach a photo of the bottom of the chair?

20 Dec 2017

So far the dowels, and the tension under the seat, are fine without flattening one side of the dowel.

13 Jun 2017

I never thought of the planer. good idea.

13 Jun 2017

@Leif I know. It's just that I'd probably need a table saw to shave off a side of the dowel. Which I don't have.

12 Jun 2017

Wood dowels from Home Depot. 7/16".

12 Jun 2017

Done Deal. Pirelli Straps from Evans in California.

09 Jun 2017

The mover miraculously located the screw and I've ordered the Pirelli Straps from Evans in California.

26 May 2017

I just got the chair and it's missing a screw that wasn't missing in the photos.