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02 Dec 2018

Hi Spanky. Thank you so much for the information.

01 Dec 2018

A couple of the buttons are missing. How hard would it be to repair?

21 Dec 2017

I appreciate your input. I would still like to learn more about this cool table.

20 Dec 2017

I like to gather as much information as I can before a purchase.

20 Dec 2017

I was simply trying to get a bit more information on it.

20 Dec 2017

Hi objectworship. Do you think it's a once in a lifetime opportunity?

Do you recognize the designer?

13 Dec 2017

I thought I would add one more picture. It's a close up of the square tubular base. Anyone recognize it?

15 Nov 2017

Thank you for the additional information.

15 Nov 2017

I agree, the legs look very much like Pearsall. Did he design many chairs with a wood and upholstered back?

03 Nov 2017

Thank you secrettruth. You're exactly right.