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21 Dec 2017

I appreciate your input. I would still like to learn more about this cool table.

20 Dec 2017

I like to gather as much information as I can before a purchase.

20 Dec 2017

I was simply trying to get a bit more information on it.

20 Dec 2017

Hi objectworship. Do you think it's a once in a lifetime opportunity?

Do you recognize the designer?

13 Dec 2017

I thought I would add one more picture. It's a close up of the square tubular base. Anyone recognize it?

15 Nov 2017

Thank you for the additional information.

15 Nov 2017

I agree, the legs look very much like Pearsall. Did he design many chairs with a wood and upholstered back?

03 Nov 2017

Thank you secrettruth. You're exactly right.

08 Dec 2015

Anyone have any insight on the Sussex Group and their International Collection?

01 Dec 2015

Does anyone have any idea? They feel like they are quality, but they don't have any markings that I can find.