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14 Mar 2018

Just picked up this chair and have a question. Most I’ve seen has the F&S label usually accompanied with the John Stuart as well! This example seems to only have the John Stuart.

02 Dec 2017

Hello again from Austin!! Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and Holiday season!!

29 Oct 2017

Howdy from Austin, Texas!! So... I just picked up a planner group sideboard/credenza with the "grass cloth" sliding doors. Some of the edges and bottom half of the material is peeling away.


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18 Mar 2018

Thanks for making sense of it HM. Thanks for the photo cdSilva.

15 Mar 2018

...and as always Leif, thank you!

15 Mar 2018

I haven’t had the chance to take the chair apart. As the binding cane I ordered is in route to the house.

26 Jan 2018

Thanks for the response guys.

20 Jan 2018

Lovely chairs Kyle. The 65s have a certain elegance to them that I really enjoy. :)

18 Jan 2018

Thanks guys. I had a feeling with the yellowish tint to the frame.

P.s. Leif, you have lost me.

06 Jan 2018

Finally had the time to hang my early Cado unit. Turns out, babies take up a little bit of time!

30 Dec 2017

...and boom goes the dynamite

winner winner chicken dinner

17 Dec 2017

Also confirms suspicion of late 60s