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17 Sep 2016


Picked up this neat table with 3 circle tops in black laminate, and 2 tops in rosewood laminate. The entire frame is welded and I think is either chrome over steel or aluminum.


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27 Sep 2016

For SDR, Here are 3 photos showing the Mategot Tapestry.

26 Sep 2016

Mathieu Matgeot. 47" x 96".

24 Sep 2016

Haha, no the welds aren't nearly sloppy enough for that.

23 Sep 2016

Shameless desperation bump. Sigh.

19 Sep 2016

As Spanky said this forum concentrates on modern design so probably won't be able to tell you much about a table of t

19 Sep 2016

Thanks Leif, I know the feeling of "seeing it somewhere" x 1000 on this.

19 Sep 2016

Yep. I believe this was from one of the furniture lines made for and sold by Montgomery Wards in the 1960's.