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27 Oct 2017

Before I picked up this pair of JH-512s I assumed they were teak from color alone (I hadn't seen any closeups), but once I got a closer look at the grain I thought oak - is the redness because the

14 Sep 2016

I picked up this chair along with a George Nelson Desk the other day. It's solid walnut so I'm assuming it's American.

It's nothing special but it's well made and unmarked.


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28 Dec 2017

cdsilva: After I read your comment here I reread my archived listing and although it included structural differences

28 Dec 2017

I apologize for not replying sooner, the holidays have been busy and we've been dealing with a furnace that stopped w

11 Dec 2017

Thanks for your reply Leif Ericson.

07 Nov 2017

I just picked up one of these and was looking into the attribution.

28 Oct 2017

Leif - your comment about the oak bookshelf with similar coloring being left outdoors makes a lot of sense - I'm sure

27 Oct 2017

tktoo - thank you for the explanation - it is surprising how much of a change can happen over time.

25 Jul 2017

I've seen 3 examples of this daybe dnad all have been from FL, which makes me believe it may be by Foster McDavid - t

03 Oct 2016

Sorry for not following up and sharing the catalogue shot.

18 Mar 2016

@ Leif Ericson - Excellent! Thank you so much.

17 Mar 2016

A friend just provided this photo and description of the chair, pictured in August 1957 House and Garden Magazine (UK