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24 Aug 2017

Hi, this is one of my recent purchases and I am wondering if anyone has an information on the manufacturer or designer. I'm not sure exactly what type of wood is used for the detailing.


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09 Mar 2018

Great information! Thank you very much.
Do you know what year the Risom chair was designed?

02 Mar 2018

Thank you mgee76! I appreciate the response.

22 Feb 2018

Thanks Lief. That is my guess also.

04 Sep 2017

Great! Thank you so much minimoma. The link is very helpful.

17 Jun 2017

Having picture problems. I apologize

06 Apr 2017

here is the auction listing with the same chair different base said to be DUX.

14 Jan 2017

There is some remnants of glue from a sticker on the porcelain socket.

14 Jan 2017

Hi, there is no sticker inside the reflector.