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23 Sep 2017

Alright, I am going to save Spanky the trouble of having to start a new thread this time. When we get over 100 posts, and more than 3 pages, it is usually time....


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13 Apr 2018

* Is there a way to determine what finish was used on a piece?

12 Apr 2018

Too bad the jig images are no longer there.

11 Apr 2018

I am, apparently, a pretentious ass, so that might have been it?

10 Apr 2018

Definitely backwards.

10 Apr 2018

There is clearly a fine line between passion for a design aesthetic and pretentiousness, and I am not going to argue

09 Apr 2018

No offense Wowthatscool, but I think the barrel furniture was the climax of this post.

08 Apr 2018

yes, i think you nailed it spanky.

07 Apr 2018

Got a couple Eames pieces recently...

07 Apr 2018

A couple more pictures