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23 Sep 2017

Alright, I am going to save Spanky the trouble of having to start a new thread this time. When we get over 100 posts, and more than 3 pages, it is usually time....


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17 Jan 2018

There are a number of original designs out there that have multi-colored, painted drawers.

15 Jan 2018

Replicating them is relatively easy, but quite tedious.

14 Jan 2018

Those are interesting. Do you have better pictures, from different angles?

13 Jan 2018

I have been looking for some System Cado wall standards.

09 Jan 2018

I have a Folke Ohlsson with original strapping still intact.

09 Jan 2018

Most, if not all, of Aalto's recently produced pieces were produced by Artek.

07 Jan 2018

You are correct, this is not really the place.

06 Jan 2018

You did not like the answer in this post:

05 Jan 2018

I like objectworship.