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23 Sep 2017

Alright, I am going to save Spanky the trouble of having to start a new thread this time. When we get over 100 posts, and more than 3 pages, it is usually time....


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11 Jul 2018

OW, I think it has more to do with the availability of English speakers in China and Russia, as opposed to their writ

05 Jul 2018

Probably too far out of the way, but possible from Tokyo or Nagoya, and near Takayama.

29 Jun 2018

Call me strange, but the 57/77 in teak is definitely my favorite of all the Moller offerings.

15 Jun 2018

ARM-R-SEAL is a wiping varnish, which only means that it has far more solvent (thinner) than a formulation that is pr

14 Jun 2018

I agree with Leif again.

13 Jun 2018

I agree with the Leif. The only way that is ever going to look as it originally did is with tinted lacquer.

30 Apr 2018

Well done sir, that is an excellent first effort! Looks better than many of my much later efforts.

27 Apr 2018

Any chance the seat sits in the frame slightly reclined, so that the back cross piece of the frame attaches low on th

26 Apr 2018

My insight as to how you might identify the set with certainty is as follows: