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21 Jan 2018

I just acquired this table from an estate where there was a lot of Herman Miller and Knoll etc.. I have no idea what this table is or who the maker is. Does anyone have any information about it.


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22 Jan 2018

Anyone have any idea of what this might be?

22 Jan 2018

Anyone ever here of Stures Mobler? Really would like to know about this dresser. Thanks!

16 Jan 2018

Possibly Gino Sarfatti or Kurt Versen? Anyone?

02 Jan 2018

I got some great pieces from the house. Its actually a somewhat famous house.

29 Dec 2017

I found it at a local garage sale.

25 Dec 2017

What time period do you think its from? 1950's? Or 1960's? maybe you would know by the way its made?

25 Dec 2017

Leif, Thank you very much for your help.

25 Dec 2017

Here are more photos. It does have really wide edge banding on the top.

25 Dec 2017

Here are a bunch more photos. The drawer is dovetailed.