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21 Feb 2017

I think this might be a good one; plenty of leads out there but not many paths to the pot of gold. Will be very impressed if someone gets this.

22 Jan 2017

During my ongoing searches for rare Quistgaard Dansk items, I have often come across Skjøde Skjern listings. The ones that attracted my eye the most were the wenge ones.

10 Jan 2017

In the spirit of leif’s threads on the Case of the Two Hundevads and Case of the Two Fredericias, I thought I’d add a third thread here that discusses the Case of the Two Pedersens. . .


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20 Mar 2017

Wow. Nice.

I wouldn't mind seeing more details, especially of the wood construction and those springs.

15 Mar 2017

Nice chair (as well as Selig guitar pick side table in the background), although the thin double rail at the bottom o

14 Mar 2017

Your stools look fine to me.

13 Mar 2017

. . . more than apparently. The Willy Beck version is model #100.

11 Mar 2017

Could you post a lot more photos of the chair including close ups of the underside, joints, back, and all markings?

09 Mar 2017

The wood looks great to me. Vintage furniture is supposed to have marks of age and wear.

23 Feb 2017

You've already ID'ed the design.

23 Feb 2017


You certainly win the prize for most number of ID requests with the least number of words.