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14 Dec 2017

While I am not an Eames collector, for some reason I was looking around the interwebs earlier this week for a comprehensive list of Eames acronyms.

06 Nov 2017

So I finally got around this weekend to my Rothko project that's been on the bad burner for a while.


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02 Nov 2018

... and finally, here is a page from Dansk Kunsthaandvaerk 1955, which shows a Magasin exhibition in Charlottenborg.

02 Nov 2018

Here is an early 50's newspaper article that gives design credit for your chair to Peabody.

02 Nov 2018

The conventional wisdom answer for a long time was that Kofod Larsen designed your chair.

15 Oct 2018

On the matter of who designed this chair: American designer/company or Kofod-Larsen, I would’ve said

21 Aug 2018

Thanks for posting that Bornholm’s stamp. I had not previously seen that version.

17 Jul 2018

A bit late, but that is an early logo for Vamdrup Stolefabrik.

03 Jul 2018

Yup, vintage knockoff.

29 Jun 2018

I had two rosewood 77s (reupholstered in cowhide before I got them) for a little while, but they sold recently.

29 Jun 2018

I had one of my best hauls off of craigslist last weekend.

21 Jun 2018

Almost all of the Selig "walnut" chairs are stained beech. There are a few designs that used solid walnut.