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14 Dec 2017

While I am not an Eames collector, for some reason I was looking around the interwebs earlier this week for a comprehensive list of Eames acronyms.

06 Nov 2017

So I finally got around this weekend to my Rothko project that's been on the bad burner for a while.


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23 May 2018

The rear leg joints were not loose, so I do not attempt to take those apart.

22 May 2018

you might be interested in this thread:

09 May 2018

Model 27-15, by Ib Kofod Larsen.

23 Apr 2018

and in case anyone was wondering, this chair is not by Finn Juhl.

23 Apr 2018

Can you remove one of the torn straps and take a photo?

20 Apr 2018

Real Wegners don't slide under the radar on LiveAuctioneers

18 Apr 2018

The darker inner plies are interesting. Don't think I've come across that before.

18 Apr 2018

My thoughts would be to remove the words "Finn Juhl" from the post title.

16 Apr 2018


Here are my comments of pure conjecture:

1) looks like a nightstand to me.

07 Apr 2018

Izzy. You can sent a note to cdsilva at JAHN-us dot com.