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12 Sep 2018

I'm scratching my head about, already done some preliminary digging without much success.

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27 Sep 2018

spanky -- i'm going to try to verify this gallery's attribution, but I'm afraid we're either both wrong and it's illu

16 Sep 2018

the bug i had was actually the uploader saying it was successful and then my post not having the photos XD

07 May 2018

Any tips on dealing with tension?

31 Jan 2018

So the trip to the Getty Archives are fruitful although they do not allow reproduction of their records (so I have so

30 Jan 2018

Hi, the images hosted have expired. Are you able or willing to share some of these images again?

25 May 2017

Looks like they worked with Skovmand & Andersen:

25 May 2017

I've been trying to track down more history on what designers they could have imported.

25 May 2017

Well I'm going to try to make it out to the Getty archives this summer. Will update when I access those goodies.