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22 Jun 2015

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23 Oct 2012

I've seen a couple of references here, lately, to the idea that the presence of fine scratches on the underside of a glass vase means that it's decades old.


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29 Nov 2017

As you suspected, not genuine.

14 Nov 2017

You are correct -- that is not a Knoll table.

12 Oct 2017

You've combined photos of two tables (and a lamp).

12 Oct 2017

... and Konstantin Grcic is still a star.

07 Sep 2017

Patrick and Alix, thank you. You have a lot to be proud of. Best wishes.

13 Aug 2017

Hello, Delfien. Nothing in your photos looks wrong to me.

16 Jul 2017

So I just had a look at the Modernica website for the first time in a few years.