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11 Feb 2018

Hey all,

I found an Eames 1948 DCW (Evans/Herman Miller sticker still in great shape) for $20 on Craigslist last week.

09 Nov 2017

So there's a lot of good information here about replacing the danish cord on chairs - mostly Mollers - and, while I was originally going to go the jute-padding-vinyl route, reading all of the infor

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04 Jan 2018

Hey Zephyr - I recently found one of the newer versions of this chair (three flat spindles), and, like yours, it had

06 Dec 2017

I currently have a set of Svegards too.

05 Dec 2017

Right, and I already had it disassembled to sand and oil.

05 Dec 2017

Yes, did everything to the seats with the legs removed.

05 Dec 2017

Thanks again for your help, all.

11 Nov 2017

One quick question, spanky. How would you attach the foam? Staples?

10 Nov 2017

Thanks again for all of the guidance. I'll check back in with updates or more questions.

10 Nov 2017

Thanks for all of the valuable insights - exactly what I anticipated having read so many threads here!