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16 Dec 2017

I recently purchased a set of what I think are Erik Buck model 49 dining chairs that need some love. Most of the joints are loose.

06 Jan 2017

I recently picked up a pair of these rocket shaped walnut lamps. They're in excellent condition, but a bit dry looking.


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27 Feb 2018

My rule of thumb is if nobody else who ever sees these chairs will ever notice, then it's good enough.

26 Feb 2018

I couldn't find a source for real teak plugs.

25 Feb 2018

Nice! Markers beat messing with stains in my book. Thanks.

25 Feb 2018

Any tips on what stain to use for the oak plugs to match teak?

25 Feb 2018

(With there was an edit) Exact product name I used in case anyone reads this in the future: JB Weld KwikWood.

25 Feb 2018

A lot of time has passed, but this project is finally, mostly done :)

My process was:

16 Feb 2018

@waffle - Love the painting!

04 Feb 2018

After waiting out some cold weather, the first coat of oil is finally on. Looking good so far.

26 Jan 2018

Spanky - thanks. I wasn't sure about how the shade sat on the lamp either.