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28 Sep 2015

I bought a dining set that consists of 6 chairs, which are obviously McCobb, and a table, which is not so obvious.


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14 Jun 2017

Yes, I'm now certain the table is an Erno Fabry. Do you own any of his pieces?

14 Jun 2017

It reminds me of a Nakashima design. Or Bengt Ruda. I'm guessing it's walnut.

13 Jun 2017

No, sorry. These are the only pics I have. The legs are so distinctive.

30 Jan 2016

It's been two years since I posted this query about these mystery tables.

29 Sep 2015

Thanks Minimoma. That helps a lot. I paid $125 for the set and I'm happy with it, regardless of who designed it.

28 Sep 2015

Hmm. Maybe those chairs aren't McCobb. I've seen them identified as McCobb, but I can't remember where.

16 Sep 2014

Thanks Roth.
I went and found replacement screws today.

13 Sep 2014

Oh, here's the pic
of the screw. Thanks!

13 Sep 2014

More pics
of the oxidation and that weird banding.