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19 Feb 2017

Here is my experience in cleaning (and bleaching!) a 10-year-old Modernica Nelson Bubble Lamp that had yellowed areas. Note that the manufacturer warns against bleaching.


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12 Mar 2017

New photos, but failed to load.

25 Feb 2017

I'm resurrecting this thread because I had the same problem — I needed a tripod base to convert a pendant lamp into a

06 Feb 2017

Thanks, minimoma. The USM Haller doesn't have the anti-tip safety feature you mentioned. It was designed pre-OSHA.

06 Feb 2017

I purchased this USM Haller cabinet for my bathroom and moved the drawer from the bottom to the top to give it less o

05 Jun 2016

I love the kitchen floor, Lief. Is it honed gray slate, or is it a porcelain tile? Source?

21 May 2016

Thanks for the verification, Charlie.

21 May 2016

It's beautiful. Thanks for the info, Charlie. Now I want to redo the legs with 3/4" tube.

12 Apr 2016

This seems to be Model 116 — which is a taller (31") sideboard rather than a shorter (25"-29") credenza.