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09 Dec 2017

I have the good fortune of getting to refinish one of these, and was just curious whether anyone knows what the original finish offered by France & Son?


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10 Dec 2018

Man. It would have been a lot of fun to restore that set.

28 Nov 2018

I mean they're both flammable, so...

15 Oct 2018

Really interesting. What are the woods here?

11 Oct 2018

Hard to be rare if its unknown. It's worth whatever you paid for it.

02 Oct 2018

Thanks! It's not super complicated...

02 Oct 2018

Here are some photos from after the table was stripped, sanded, and sealed...

29 Sep 2018

A graining marker would work well here, too, if you were satisfied with just coloring it.

29 Sep 2018

Just read your comment about not being able to feel the crack and I think it is likely that this table was refinished

29 Sep 2018

Once it dries, if you want to get super delicate, you can carefully carve matching grain into it.