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09 Dec 2017

I have the good fortune of getting to refinish one of these, and was just curious whether anyone knows what the original finish offered by France & Son?


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22 May 2018

Note to self: don't look at pictures on phone.

21 May 2018

Looks to me like somebody put something thick on there, like poly perhaps.

11 Apr 2018

Zephyr, I think you could easily lap lengths to make them however long you wanted, given that they are screwed into t

06 Apr 2018

Frankielemmons, reach me at gmalegmayel @ the service with a g in it.

06 Apr 2018

I have a 75 chair frame that I'll sell you cheaply if it keeps those Bramins intact.

06 Apr 2018

Wow, yeah... you can certainly address the wood without messing up those seats.

03 Apr 2018

And finally, with lacquer. Not dead-on, but I can live with it.

03 Apr 2018

Phone camera bad. I don't know that this answers your question, danish nut, but it sorta proves leif's point.

03 Apr 2018

Stripped, sanded, and re-sealed. Looking good so far...