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09 Dec 2017

I have the good fortune of getting to refinish one of these, and was just curious whether anyone knows what the original finish offered by France & Son?


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11 Sep 2018

Man, that is so well executed.

11 Sep 2018

Probably Oak. Did you request that he not color it to match?

11 Sep 2018

Elastic clips are a simple solution to hold loose cushions in place, and I'm sure your upholsterer could figure that

07 Sep 2018

I love the underside of that table. Thanks for sharing.

22 Aug 2018

Also, I love to see pieces from underneath.

22 Aug 2018

Thank you for such an excellent shot of the underside. I really delight in seeing these.

01 Aug 2018

The Bauhaus-Archiv Museum, but apparently it is closed for renovations.

10 Jul 2018

I really like that thing, whatever the hell it is.

27 Jun 2018

Just hitting it with dye or stain would suffice for most people, I think.

26 Jun 2018

The only reason you would want to strip this chair is if you didn't want it to be black anymore.