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09 Dec 2017

I have the good fortune of getting to refinish one of these, and was just curious whether anyone knows what the original finish offered by France & Son?


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06 Mar 2018

I say faded Rosewood.

03 Mar 2018

More than likely, a professional would do what is called a burn-in. This can be done with clear or colored material.

27 Feb 2018

My process for this would be to disassemble as much as you can. Strip lacquer with a methyl chloride stripper.

27 Feb 2018

But you will likely have to do some filling and grain painting in those deep scratches.

26 Feb 2018

That's a nice cabinet... I thought about doing the same thing. It looks better than it did in their photos.

24 Feb 2018

Teak is expensive, yeah. But you can surely find a woodworker who can make them for you.

24 Feb 2018

Steam out what you can from the dents before sanding.