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03 Jan 2017

Hey everyone,

Just snatched up this great Summit two-tone armshell with its removable slipcover for next to nothing. I had to see what was underneath so off she came. And yellow it is!

29 Jul 2015

Hi everyone,

Spotted this at a local secondhand. Almost passed it up but decided it felt too good and nice for the price.


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21 Jan 2018

Thanks objectworship. I agree. The more it's in the house, the more I like it.

04 Jan 2017

Thanks for the vinyl cleaning tips, Amazake! Still in a debate on what looks best...

31 Dec 2016

A Glenn of California hinged divider/bookcase at a local thrift. Still in great shape.

28 Dec 2016

Looks to be the Luna Chair by Odd Knutsen.

24 Dec 2016

Appreciate the help guys.

08 Oct 2015

Another favorite.

"Which Way To The Zoo" by William Wondriska, 1962.

06 Oct 2015

Love this thread. Have many of the ones already mentioned. Here's another.

06 Aug 2015

Found a pair of Stringline lamps by Knud Holscher. Just love them.

30 Jul 2015

Ikea? Surely you must be suggesting vintage right? There are no cam bolts or dowels on this piece.