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05 Feb 2018

As requested, a thread to share your cool Braun finds from all Braunheads out there.

07 Aug 2015

Priced next to nothing and definitely not anonymous but for whatever reasons fell through the cracks.

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09 Nov 2018

Good (for me) that the label on this was missing & it also helped that it was posed to look as if it just died.

04 Nov 2018

I agree, it is cool enough to keep regardless of pedigree.

31 Oct 2018

Spotted Knoll chairs lurking in the back of the store waiting to be brought out...

31 Oct 2018

The paper label looks like some kind of paper stamp from a stationary shop that sold perforated sheets printed with t

29 Oct 2018

I was going to do that but I refrained from spoon feeding too much. How hard is it to scroll down 12 posts?

29 Oct 2018

What's wrong with the responses you got from the last one?

28 Oct 2018

Also picked up some useful supplement for the addiction, 5 books for $1.

27 Oct 2018

I can't help with the ID & doubt if these were by a documented designer but who knows.

27 Oct 2018

Cool chair drkjk.

2 pairs of unwanted speakers designed by David Lewis for B&O.