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05 Feb 2018

As requested, a thread to share your cool Braun finds from all Braunheads out there.

07 Aug 2015

Priced next to nothing and definitely not anonymous but for whatever reasons fell through the cracks.

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21 Sep 2018

Mary Einstein (yes, she's a distant relative of the famous one) Wright was like the Ray Eames in her partnership with

19 Sep 2018

The examples I have by Glenn of California from the late 1950s have a foil label that says "Designed by Macdougall an

15 Sep 2018

I don't know who made your lamp but most of the well known American lamp manufacturers from that period that I had en

13 Sep 2018

I suspect this is also not by Burke.

11 Sep 2018

Three vintage equipment from Braun.

The Braun Nizo Super 8 movie camera is by Robert Obenheim.

11 Sep 2018

The page showing the 3 items came from an older furniture book (pre 1972), the same image from the 1972 Knoll book de

08 Sep 2018

These are the only 3 items that I know that Lewis Butler designed at Knoll, a lounge chair with arms (model 655), an

08 Sep 2018

bj - I can only find one image of this Knoll armchair from the Knoll Design book by Eric Larabee & Massimo Vignel

07 Sep 2018

This is the only Vincent Cafiero vintage Knoll ad (1963) that is related to BJ's chairs I could find online.