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05 Feb 2018

As requested, a thread to share your cool Braun finds from all Braunheads out there.

07 Aug 2015

Priced next to nothing and definitely not anonymous but for whatever reasons fell through the cracks.

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23 Jun 2018

The authentic Thonet versions I've encountered in the past, the caning is done directly on the chair frame and not in

13 Jun 2018

The search box on my phone does not show up but it might be in the thread "mid century misattributions", but maybe I

01 Jun 2018

Spanky- the $170 is for the keywords, "eames era, shabby chic, wegner juhl panton risom baugman style".

01 Jun 2018

It is not one of the chairs that have detailed line drawings in Noritsugu Oda's book Danish Chairs, but the 3 images

31 May 2018

A furniture historian will know what those chair feet are called but these were used extensively in the late Victoria

25 May 2018

Sorry in advance if this humble everyday item I just rescued recently might make other people's eyes does n

25 May 2018

This was posted here by da awhile back...

25 May 2018

I don't know who designed this piece or if it is an actual period sofa from the 1960s but it will be interesting to l

21 May 2018

Only time will tell if some of these "designed" products from the 21st century will become the next generation design