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19 Aug 2017

Anyone Recognize any of these pieces. It's a long way for me to drive and bad photos. Imported from Denmark in 1959. Thanks.


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12 Jun 2018

And the Model 516 also with the optional teak bottom shelf.

12 Jun 2018

This is awesome. Thank you!

Model 518 from page 30 with the optional teak bottom shelf.

11 Jun 2018

After an exhaustive dry spell I found a living and dining room suite.

09 May 2018

We don't discuss value here , but eBay has plenty of completed and sold listings to give you a price based on your lo

08 May 2018

Yes, 100% Herman Miller. Your model is commonly referred to as the Milacron Cincinnati version.

24 Apr 2018

No, they have been transferred to a new home where they will be better preserved.

10 Oct 2017

It was one on my bucket list so I'm proud to own one.

10 Oct 2017

Finally scored an original Penguin Chair.

18 Sep 2017

Finally mounted half of the cado unit I recently found.

20 Aug 2017

Another shot of the chest. Sorry for the photo quality this is all I have.