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05 Jul 2015

I can't believe how lucky I was to acquire these. As you can see they are in need of a good cleaning. I have contacted a professional leather and suede cleaning company with 40 yrs in the biz.

06 May 2015

anyone know a source for swivel glides for iron furniture? this is a 1/2" rod and i'm having trouble finding slip on glides that size. thanks for any help

02 May 2015

ok- does anybody know the deal here? i have a chance to buy this chair coming up soon. i've spent a few hrs.

28 Jan 2015

hello- this desk has been posted on our CL for almost a month now. i went to see it a couple weeks ago. it appears to be fairly well made and i think it's cool looking.


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23 May 2016

This is the original chichen ita table. i think designed by Mr Ita.

08 Mar 2016

I usually read the Forum around 5:30 in the AM. Threads like this really help get me goin. Thanks to all!

25 Feb 2016

They have a website. Hopefully someone there would be willing to help.

03 Sep 2015

Rotaflex made some lamps with the colored plastic inserts in the shades. I think they were called Interplay.

22 Aug 2015

Maybe the Wright brothers?

21 Aug 2015

Hi there. Try shopping local. Cabinet & countertop shops can make almost any leg you could want.

24 Jul 2015

Well that sure worked out.I think what I run into more often than not, at least with American furniture, is the big f

09 Jul 2015

Doesn't calcium carbonate dissolve in a weak acid? Citric? I thought that is what hard water scale is.

09 Jul 2015

The entire back comes off the chair by flipping the back over and removing it at the pivots seen in pic 3.

08 Jul 2015

Have to run this through one more time. Postponed appointment until I know what I'm doing.