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09 Dec 2018

Also, here's one of the glides I was referring to, and a pic of the seat cushion.

09 Dec 2018

Spanky, that was incredibly helpful!

16 Oct 2018

I stumbled across this broken Cesare Lacca table on ebay, and won it on my lone bid of $50.

19 Sep 2018

I love Kipp Stewart pieces. I have a few produced by Calvin when he was with American Design Foundation Group.

30 Mar 2018

Mario, I do like that lamp!

25 Feb 2018

I took a little road trip today to buy this B&O rosewood media cabinet that someone posted on Facebook.

25 Feb 2018

Thanks Waffle! No wonder it works nicely sitting next to my Kipp Stewart credenza.

24 Feb 2018

I found this lovely chair this morning sitting alone in the hallway of an old upscale estate sale here in Pittsburgh.

22 Jan 2018

Thanks DrPoulet! That was very interesting.

11 Jan 2018

Today I went to look at an Adrian Pearsall coffee table I found on Craigslist, and came home with the table, and 66 u