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22 May 2017

Hi crew,

My parents recently purchased an estate donated to Havard Med, and it included the furnishings, rugs, art, etc.

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23 May 2017

Leif, next time I'm over there I'll take photos with greater detail.

18 Jul 2016

Another option is to kerf cut the 1/4" ply with a table or circ saw, fill the kerf cut grooves with epoxy or wood glu

25 Apr 2016

New cushions for my Mogens Kold lounger and a Gainey speckled planter (which I made a stand for out of wood scraps wh

15 Mar 2016

I'm being hopelessly optimistic with this 3M 5200.

14 Mar 2016

Since this thread has been revived, I'll share my findings:

11 Mar 2016

Guy had a leather Hardoy listed on CG.

14 Oct 2015

Out of curiosity, how do you fixture the loop end on Elasbelt?

14 Oct 2015

Thanks for the reply and the revised sketch (I'm a visual thinker, so sketches are always welcome).

12 Oct 2015

Now I'm not so sure about those 90 degree clips, at least for this chair.