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24 Mar 2018

....recently picked up a set of dining chairs and am having a hard time ID'ing them........have spent hours google imaging to no avail, and am hoping that someone here will recognize the design.

16 Dec 2017

....I was recently lucky enough to find and purchase my first ever vintage Wegner chairs, a pair of CH 29's in oak with black leather seats........I have a question about the manufacturer/designer


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27 Nov 2018

Gallery 1 Collection - Baughman

24 Jun 2018

thank you for sharing wheumann, and I'm very sorry to hear of your uncle's passing..........I'm a big fan of his work

26 Jan 2018

two recent finds that I'm excited about..

16 Jan 2018

....just to update took about 3 weeks to get a response from Carl Hansen's email support, but they did

28 Dec 2017

Ties the room together indeed.......keep the Danish table.......despite the beauty of the braz.

16 Dec 2017

thanks Leif, I will send them an email and see what they say.

28 Nov 2017

Thank you for posting this........looks like a fantastic place.

12 Nov 2017

good catch in those sale photos mgee.......I always look at those pics prior to the weekend, and I just plain missed

11 Nov 2017

....had this nice pair of Metropolitan club chairs last year........I'm guessing they were manufactured early 80's or